Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Psalm of Abu Ghraib, Babylonia

Oh Thank God for the civilised folk of America who have sent forth their noble warriors to civilise the brutes in the deserts of Babylonia. Preserve and propagate the mighty ideals of this nation under God, O cavemen of the world, where kids have the absolute freedom to kill their classmates on differences of opinion, where couples freely swap partners for society’s greater good and where money flows freely like unbridled lust.

Flinch not if you or your brethren are disciplined and lovingly stripped, chided and neutralised by their noble soldiers of peace for it is the mission of the modern messiahs Bush, Dick, Donald and Wolfowitz to carry out the work that their God whispered in their ears on 911.

For God said unto them, "this earth is your playground, as it is mine. Create more noble souls in your own likeness and smite those who are different. Fear not the dissenting crows, ignore them and they shall die in the fullness of time while your noble deeds create a new heaven on earth for ever and anon".

Now come on people, sing with me:

I welcome thee, my yankee, come in my country and give me liberty.
Oh gentle and loving soldier, Oh harbinger of liberty.
Come and trample, abuse and eviscerate me.
make me into your likeness, in return for our oil which I offer to ye.
With folded hands I welcome thee, my yankee.


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crapsoul said...

i am trying to sing your song......nice post....keep it up