Monday, February 20, 2006

Outsourcing: pleasure or pain?

it is a very contentious issue, yes...

there is a big kerfuffle in the west amongst right wing (unbalanced as they don't have a left wing) trade unionists, mealy mouthed politicians, ideological whores and such about the shunting off of their work to sweatshops infested by hunched over, faceless, verminesque human automatons who ought to rot in the shadows of their despicable fate and should instead look much more fashionable crawling on their bellies, importuning before trucks laden with free aid to be exchanged for their continuing servitude. At least that makes for good photos in Time magazine, evoking unrestrained pity and the opportunity for the readers to feel human by helping the poor, poor wretches. And for photographer of the year awards for those who have managed to capture human misery in a subdued and hauntingly evocative pose.

So what solution do these indignant patriots propose? Are they willing to accept lower pay to help their industries stay competitive in a globalized free market. No, they would say. Why should we have to lower our standards of living by forsaking our luxuries and entitlements that our money buys? Of course, it is fair isn't it?

So did they seriously think that globalization was a one way street? That the free trade agreements would allow them to push their surplus produce to the unsuspecting ignoramuses in the untapped populous markets but they wouldn't have to contend with the tide of cheap and quality products surging back towards their shores and come down like acid rain on them?

How could they allow children as young as 6 or 7 work in smoky, hypoxic environs? They fume. Indignation is the privilege of the rich indeed. The indigent can't afford to be indignant. So, what be the solution? Indignation offers no solutions, it only creates pity for the wretched and more free aid.

The US has now even outsourced torture to Egypt and Turkey. Why aren't we hearing the same indignation from their patriots now? Wouldn't it hurt their torture experts who have lost out on a hugely satisfying and lucrative career to some unprofessional and savage bedouin?

I can hear their politicians rising to their feet, hissing through clenched teeth in barely repressed indignation, "How dare the government sell out American jobs to this rabble? Americans have a long and proud history of torturing the blacks, the Red Indians and the communists with effortless ease at no great cost and at no great discomfort to our conscience, thanks to our reptilian politicans, for yonks. Where will this outrage stop? Next thing we know, they will be outsourcing even our thinking to dial-for-a-thought call centres in India. My head is hurting at even the thought of such a prospect".

Hold that head senator and stay away from Dick Cheney. Otherwise when Dick sees a head, he will shoot his load right at your head and you won't be able to do any thinking. And you will be out sore seeing.

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